A Quick Note About “YouTube Nonsense” and Way Ahead

I wanted to take a minute and let you all know my current plan in light of the recent addition of more anti-freedom policies at YouTube. You can find the new YouTube “Policies on content featuring firearms” here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7667605?hl=en

Several of their new policies are clear, but several are also very unclear. For instance, what do they define as “instructions on manufacturing…ammunition…?” Is that reloading? Is that bullet casting? Is that load development? We have no idea, and they have so far been unwilling or unable to answer.

There is speculation of when these new policies will go into effect. It is suspected that it is April 19th, but it could be as early as April 1st.

While I am in complete and total disagreement with these policies, I believe it is important to remain on YouTube. As a result, I just set 36 of my YouTube videos to “private”.

Doing that felt a lot like I was betraying myself and you, my friends. And, I have no idea if I’ve hid enough, or too much, or……I hate playing a game when the other side gets to make up the rules as we play, and they don’t have to inform me. It’s like being stuck at a spoiled kid’s house and being forced to play with her.

But, in spite of that, I feel it’s very important to stay on YouTube, to have a presence in their enemy spaces. Moving videos to other platforms is easy; pulling viewers over to those new locations is the challenge. YouTube is where most of the future viewers, and therefore many of the future casters, reloaders, and shooters are going to find us. We have to maintain a pro-rights presence there.

It’s kind of like finding the 19 year old at the knife counter at WalMart that’s depressed because he can’t find any ammo for the new rifle that was given to him by his grandpa, and he just found out he’s not old enough to buy it because he isn’t 21. And then you get to enlighten him to the fact that it’s not law, it’s WalMart age discriminating, and in fact there’s an outstanding gun shop three blocks away. That young man, from that point forward, will not be denied ammo, and also, will be returning to that gun shop on a regular basis. That’s a win for everyone except WalMart and the people that hate freedom.

I have all of my YouTube videos backed up, and I am in the process of uploading them to several other sites. Once Full30.com allows everyone to start posting, I will have a channel there. I currently have channels at:


Thank you all for you friendship and support! It means more than you know.

-Loads of Bacon

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