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Hello and welcome to The Reloaders Network.  First thing, a HUGE THANKS to Loads of Bacon for all his hard work setting up this community.  This is going to be big, I have no doubt.  So recently I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog, or some kind of weekly post and including it on my FB page.  When I heard about this site, I knew it was the place to do so, and asked to be a contributing author for this site.  I have no idea what each post will be about, but it will include what I am up to, current events, and just about anything that has to do with the 2A Community.

To begin with my name is Josh and I run the 243 Outdoors Channel on YouTube.  You can also find me on FaceBook, Patreon, and right here on The Reloaders Network.  I hope to expand to Full 30 as soon as they open the flood gates and allow everyone in.  I am in my mid 30’s living in Southern Illinois.  I work a full time job and spend my weekends and time off reloading and shooting.  I primarily use more budget friendly firearms, reload for them, and try to get the best accuracy I can out of them.  I have a couple sources to obtain other firearms, and am very grateful for that.  When the crops are out I generally have access to a 1000 yard range, and 4-500 yards year round, weather permitting.

I grew up shooting and deer hunting, but about 10 years ago lost interest in the hunting part.  About 4 years ago my brother and I were just doing a little plinking with his 22-250 and my 243.  I had set up some milk jug at 450 yards.  Just holding over with our cheap BSA scopes we were busting jugs with factory ammo.  Ever since that day all I’ve wanted to do was shoot longer and longer ranges.  It was at this point I started reloading, and the hobby, or habit, which ever you want to call it, began.

I reached 1000 yards with my 243 pretty quickly, using an 87g V-max.  I had no idea what bullet to use, so I basically closed my eyes and picked one out a catalog and that’s what I used.  The next year I did a video submission for the Long Range Shooters of Utah, and shot a milk jug at 1000 yards with my 243 in under 10 shots.  9 to be exact.  At this time the 6.5 Creedmoor craze was in full swing, so I picked up the Ruger American Predator in 6.5.  I quickly stared loading for it, shooting sub-MOA out to 1000 yards.  Then it was time to go for the mile shot.  On my 5th outing I hit the 36 inch target at 1760 yards or 1 mile.  My next time out I got on target in 4 shots and had 2 hits that day.  To my knowledge I am the second person of 3 to make a mile shot with the Ruger American.

Over the past Christmas break I took a Savage Axis chambered in 223 that I picked up for $157 ($100 rebate) and put 4 on target at 1000 yards using a 9 power scope.

With all that is going on with YouTube right now, I am kind of waiting to see what happens.  I have no intentions of leaving YouTube.  With 2100+ Subscribes, I’m not leaving.  It was hard the other night but I deleted a few videos that I know were not going to be compliant.  It was tough deleting my Steel Wool Shotgun video that had 10,000 views.

This is my first public mention of this, but in May I will be traveling to Utah to participate in the Long Range Shooters of Utah’s International Milk Jug Shoot.  I will be using my Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor with my Sightron Siii scope.  I will be shooting 1000yds, 1200yds, 1500yds, and 1 mile.  I will have 10 shots and 6 minutes to hit a milk jug and 2 attempts at each distance.  It is going to be an awesome time.  I am looking forward to see the Rocky Mountains for the first time and being out West in general.

So this is going to wrap up my first post on here.  My plans are to do a weekly post.  Please share this site and let’s watch it grow.

Josh 243 Outdoors

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