Our Future is Here.

First off, I need to express my thanks to LOADS OF BACON for taking his precious time and money to do this….for Us.

I really believe that this outlet will grow into a large network of people to share knowledge and experiences so that we may better the 2A community.   We will become family.  You may know us all by our screen names, or talk about each other using acronyms of our names, but we are all becoming knowledgeable of each others lives and are getting to know each other by name; (some of us even have swapped numbers).  That is family.  We have LOB to thank for that.  I want to welcome everyone who has joined the Slack/Reloadingnetwork, and thank you all for joining our ranks.  Let’s all learn, share, and play nice with each other.  So once again….  THANK YOU LOADS OF BACON,  for sharing this with us all.

Our Future is Here. 1

On to me.

Some of you may know me from my Youtube page (but I won’t hold that against any of you).   For the most part, I would consider myself new to reloading and don’t see myself as an educator for that.  Personally, I went to Youtube so I could learn the ins and outs, as some would say.  I stumbled across vast amounts of people with so much more knowledge that I don’t think I could find a reloading niche of my own to show the average joe or joe-ette.  So I follow, I listen, interact, and I learn from all the people that are currently coming over to this realm.  I’m not going to pretend to be a professional at anything, but I will do my best at what I try to bring to the table.

The people who follow my Youtube already know that my family recently bought a “Hunting Camp” in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.   The sad part about that is it’s a seasonal place and hard to get to in the winter months. SO my summer will be FILLED to the brim with projects, and I’d like to bring you along.

Things we hope to accomplish:

Build a shooting range.


Cut trails through the land for equipment to plant food plots.



Some reloading…

And Shooting.

These are just a few things off the top of my head.  I’m sure I’ll do a few gun reviews, building projects, and hopefully have something educational within each video I post.

I would really like you to follow along on the journey.

The snow’s starting to melt…..SUMMER’S COMING.

Until Next Time, Thanks for Everything.


                                                                              Measure in Grains  (MIG)

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