Bedtime stories Series…..Part 1

I’ve decided to go ahead and add some more to this channel….by telling some history about me and how I’ve gotten to here.  This will be…guessing 4 or 5 parts…2 or 3 days apart.   I don’t want to slam everyone with everything in 1 go…so ….  Baby Steps.     ENJOY


Here we are at the dawn of a new rising in sharing knowledge and experience.  This platform already holds several knowledgeable creators, and I’m sure dozens more are the way.  However, the truth behind the knowledge comes from the creators trial and error, of which they’ll share what they know.   LUCKY FOR EVERYONE HERE!

But my knowledge, I willingly admit is not the strongest in reloading.  So here I am, learning from the seasoned vets that know what they’re doing.

Let me share a little story.

Back on a blustery cold winter night in the year of 78…..well…..yeah…..SKIP AHEAD a bit…..

Bedtime stories Series.....Part 1 3

AND HERE I AM!!!!   (this photo is the result of being a white kid…born in Japan, silly parents)

There’s a history lesson here in this one picture of a harmless child.  Both of my late Grandfathers served in WWII.  One Army, the other Navy.  My father and Uncles, also served… 2 in the Air Force and 1 Army.  So to put this out there, my respect for the military is of the utmost. After being born on a military base, I spent a portion of my youth hopping around the country moving from here to there…typical whiny military brat here.   NO matter how I cut my hair, it still parts and falls to the right.

So, I was still pretty young when my father finally stopped moving us around.   My mother’s parents had already passed, but my father had both of his still.   So he got an assignment as CLOSE as he could to them…as a recruiter.  I’ve spent a majority of my life in Wisconsin.  Yay?

The home my parents settled on when the arrived here was out……NEAR…the woods. I cannot remember a time before I had a pocketknife, and was out in the woods carving on a stick.  MY FIRST GUN HOWEVER… I remember that well.

Christmas 1988. The blessing that went downhill REAL FAST.

In typical child fashion…waking up Christmas morning….WAITING for the 2 adults to wake up (WHY WERE THEY SLEEPING SO LATE ANYWAY), I couldn’t hold myself and had to investigate what Santa had left.   Long story short…..waking up the parents to ask how to open up the carton full of BB’s wasn’t a good idea.   My shiny new Daisy was taken, before she could be broke-in.  It took a few days before even Dad wanted me to go have fun with it, but I had quite the stern education about gun safety.  30 years later, I still have that Daisy.

That Daisy was only a start.

Now….I’m left-handed….Yay?   So when it came time to graduate to a big boy gun…..that played a big part in me not getting one.  I can’t blame my father for not wanting to spend his money to get a left handed gun IN HOPES that the child even would even want it. So his solution…Teach the child with a right-handed gun!

I spent my teenage years out hunting with Dear-Ol-Dad’s right-handed guns.  First deer I shot…EVER….was with his “Prized-Dad-Only” Marlin 30-30 lever.  First time I EVER SHOT THAT GUN. That deer had the upper hand on that one but I prevailed.  In my life I’ve only missed 1 rifle hunting season so far…and it’s only getting better.

Fast forward to early adulthood.

I’m 22 years old….had a steady job for 2 years…and I’m dating a wonderful girl.   I want a gun.  Lucky for me, my girlfriend grew up with guns in the house….so as long as I was safe with them she didn’t complain.  Payday comes…. I go to the local Walmart and pick a Remington 7400 in 270.  But….I’m $50 short.  Soooooo I put the gun on lay away and went back 2 weeks later to pick it up.

Gosh it was pretty.  My first gun, that I bought, for myself.  My father was so happy for me, he sprung for the scope.   However….the glam of my new purchase only lasted for a couple hunting seasons.    The “Jam-amatic” is the online nickname for this rifle….I can see why.  But Dear-Ol-Dad still had guns……..I still used them.

Fast forward to late 20’s.

I’ve been married for 5 YEARS!!!!   In fact…SHE’S PREGNANT!!!   October of ’07 comes around and I have a beautiful Blue-Eyed, something pound…something ounces Baby BOY.   The way I see it….I’m not betting he’ll end up left handed.  Even so… I’ve done just fine shooting right handed… I took the chance.

Bedtime stories Series.....Part 1 5

My can’t-even-crawl, walk, or back-talk child…….had a Marlin Model 60 (proud parent moment). So now my house has 2 guns…..nobody’s been maimed…..bills are low….and life is good.

Fast Forward…..Early 30’s…

This is where my 2A love gets deep….I have gun’s.  My 5 year old has a gun.   I’ve gotten gun’s for my wife.  The gun cabinet is pretty full…..but…not FULL.  I decide I need another gun.  But this time…I’m researching.  I’m watching gun reviews on YouTube left and right and ultimately I settled.

Winchester Model 70 Sporter… guess what..  270.

Bedtime stories Series.....Part 1 7

This Rifle…..this one is MY “Prized-Dad-Only” rifle.  But I’m not done.

I’ve acquired a pair of Mosin Nagants….a couple pistols…and a few more 22 rifles.

But now, one event told me “You need to reload”.

Fast forward to October 2013.

I make plans with my father to go prep our rifles for the incoming Hunting season.  Get them sighted in and tweaked just to make sure they’re all kosher and ready for a clean kill.  The day of our meet, my father says he’ll stop and buy ammunition for us to use, and asked what I shoot.  I figured a box of 20 gives me 10 shots to get it good and zero’d, and saves 10 for the season.  THIS WAS NOT THE CASE.

This is hard for me to shake.  I was pretty specific when I said “Remington Cor-Lokt PSP 130 grain” (I even remember that).  I undoubtedly even repeated it.  Much to my dismay however, there was a pre-season ammo sale at Gander Mountain…so the $22 box of Remington Cor-Lokt PSP 130gr…. lost a fictional battle against the $15 box of 140gr Federal.


That was it…gloves were off. Something had to be done.  Research research research.  I’m sure a majority of fellow reloaders also had a point where they needed as much info as they could get before taking the dive into the equipment. Lucky for me, there was a cheap alternative….

The next installment coming soon….

Until Then….   Thanks for Everything,



Part 2…

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