The True Pea Shooter! 300blk Round Ball Loads Suppressed! (Pew Pew Loads!)

A while back I wanted to see what the lightest bullet I could load in my 300 blk would be. I worked my way all the way down to a round ball load. Someone asked me if I was worried about a baffle strike with the round ball–I asked them, ” what do you think is going to happen, the bullet starts to tumble? Ha ha ha ha.” Anyways, after trying a couple of them, I found that they are hilariously quiet to shoot and everyone gets a kick out of hearing them whiz through the air. Soooooo, I made a bunch more and made a video about making them. They drop fast but seem to fly pretty straight. We were messing around and shooting them on steel at to 100 yards with about a foot and a half of drop. Just something different to enjoy. Oh, and I would love to test them on small critters like a squirrel or something. I bet they would work just fine. Any questions, feel free to post a comment.

Equipment Used:

RCBS Pro Melt
Lee .310 round ball mold
Hornady Lock N Load Press
Old 9mm ammo box plastic trays
Hornady Dies
Lee Universal Expander Die with NOE expander plug
Bullseye powder, S&B SR primers, Converted brass
CVA Scout Rifles
Silencerco Specwar762 Suppressor
Liberty Victory Magnum Suppressor

Music Used:

7th Floor Tango by Silent Partner

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