Not sure how to start so here goes.. I go by DubYa online..

Hello, My name is Tom, I am 67 years old, been a gun person since I was conceived, I think. I certainly had a .22 rifle before I had a tricycle. My old man fought in Korea, I fought in Viet Nam. We both stopped lead in the process of serving this great nation. We both thought we could have actually been victorious if politics had not been involved. Oops, no politics. I’m married, retired to town after selling the farm. Not cut out for city living but its where I am and, luckily there is a gun club relatively close. Not as close as “behind the barn”, but close enough.

I recently got interested in those Evil Black rifles like I carried in the paddies 50 years ago. Being hands on, I built 2 of them. One, an Anderson lower with .300 BLK and 5.56 16 inch uppers. The second is a 10.5″ .300 BLK upper on an Anderson lower with a pistol tube and BUIS sights with no optic. I jokingly call this my “Concealed Carry AR”.

Even more recently, I got interested in casting my own projectiles. I mostly blame Elvis Ammo for this! And, of course, powder coating is the next logical step when you are casting boolits.

Been reloading since, like 1970 or maybe 1971? My memory of the first few post war years are jumbled. For like a year I lived in an actual log cabin; no power, no water, just a creek, me, a .30-30 Winchester ’94 and a Lee handloader, some bullets, powder and primers. My only “store” supplies were Jack Daniels, pinto beans and long grain brown rice. I ate whatever I could kill, snakes to deer, with some rice and beans. No, rattlesnake does NOT taste like chicken. It tastes like rattlesnake. ;=>

So here I am, 50 years later. I reload, I cast bullets, love shooting my few blasters and now you folks get to read my stories and have a laugh.

My stuff will be my experiences and methods to get as much cheap blaster fodder as I can from my basement man cave in the old coal room in this brick pile I call home.

I am a closet greenie; we have a hybrid car, 7KW of grid tie solar that makes as much power as we use, but due to how they measure and bill we kinda get screwed by the utility. My in-laws are all lefties but, luckily my side are more redneck right-leaning. I am the Black Sheep on either side so, beware my views may shock you. If any of you tell my family [either side] these things, I will vigorously deny it.

I try to mix humor with serious stuff and generally fail at both.

In the words of Samuel Jackson when he flips the switch in Juraisic Park:

“Hold on to your butts!”

More to come unless you vote me off the Island. Just text to test and still sorting out the cheap action camera I recently got

DubYa out.

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