1000 Yard Milk Jug

The Milk Jug

So what’s the big deal?

1000 Yard Milk Jug 3

Basically, everyone in the US knows what this is.  We drink or pour from one every day.  Instead of throwing it away when we are finished, we can repurpose it.  Filling it up with water makes a great target.  In my opinion the milk jug is a standard unit of measure in the shooting sports.  Sometimes a bullet will make it explode, and others just a simple entry and exit hole.  I have shot milk jugs for several years, and one day discovered the Long Range Shooters of Utah.  They have events for shooting Milk Jugs at various distances.  I have been a follower ever since.

The Rules

Rules are very simple.  You have 10 shots max and no sighters.  Your rifle must start with a cold bore.  Generally an hour or so is good from your last shots.  Most events have a time limit of 10 minutes from your first shot.  The jug is set up at predetermined distances generally ranging from 1000 yards to 1 mile plus.  Simple right?

Today’s Video

The video above was filmed a few weeks ago.  I have been working on a new load, finally stretching it out to 1k.  So it was time to try the ole milk jug.  I generally can get it in about 5-6 shots all the time.  (As you will see, not in this video)  Conditions were pretty calm, just a slight breeze actually going back and forth.

Since I failed at this attempt, I went back out 1 week later in very windy conditions (15-20mph).  I gave it several minutes of windage and got on target on my fist shot.  I didn’t film this attempt, the logistics of filming at 1k is a pain.  I busted the jug on shot 8, and put my remaining 2 shots on a 16″ target at a little over 1000 yards.  Over the past few outings I have put 29 out of 30 shots on target at 1000 yards.

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