Wet Tumbling Brass – Using a Harbor Freight Rock Tumbler and Stainless Steel Pins

Following are three videos that I have recorded and previously posted on YouTube concerning wet tumbling brass with a Harbor Freight Rock Tumbler and stainless steel pins.  I have put all three videos together into this one post.


Wet tumbling brass without stainless steel pins?

(This video was posted on YouTube on June 7, 2017)

Do we need to use stainless steel pins when we wet tumble our brass?


More Efficient Wet Tumbling?

(This video was posted on YouTube on January 8, 2018)

I have always wet tumbled my brass in a Harbor Freight rock tumbler for 3 hours with stainless steel pins. After today’s experimenting, I will be using hot water, and reducing my time to 1 hour. For semi-auto brass (i.e. .45 Auto, 9mm, .380 Auto), I will be tumbling the brass for 30 minutes in hot water, and will not be using the stainless steel pins.


Wet tumbling brass with the Harbor Freight Rock Tumbler

(This video was posted on YouTube on February 7, 2017.  It was one of my earliest YouTube videos.)

A short walk through of how I clean my brass by wet tumbling with stainless steel pins and the the Chicago Electric Dual Drum Rotary Rock Tumbler from Harbor Freight. I bought my pins as a 2lb refresher kit from http://www.stainlesstumblingmedia.com


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