Shooting 1000 yards with a Deer Rifle and $40 scope possible?

Short answer is…..YES

For those contemplating shooting long-range, and are intimidated because you feel your equipment is inferior, welcome to The Reloaders Network. Here lies the truth and all its glory in many articles posted by awesome authors. I’m sure you’ll be enlightened here.

Hand loading your own ammunition and fine tuning a cartridge to your rifle is the biggest benefit to reloading. It is possible to take that cheap ugly bolt-action that has sat in your safe and only been used for deer hunting and have it landing a shot onto a 24″ target at 1000 yards in 15 shots or less, and then repeat shot after shot. It doesn’t take a $5K matched and trued action rifle and some high-end glass to do so. Just guts to try to and a little knowledge of how to reload and shoot.
I’ve recently done a load work up. Preparing a Hornady 208gr ELD bullet to take its journey across the field at 1K using an improvised Satterlee method.
If you are interested in how. Click the articles I’ve written here:

The Rifle I used in this series is an old 1968 Mossberg 810A in 30-06, absolutely stock from the factory. And as for optics it has a CVLife 6x24x50Shooting 1000 yards with a Deer Rifle and $40 scope possible? 8. Don’t let the price point fool you. This scope is clear enough to compete with some top dollar glass. Is it the best? Absolutely not, but it’ll get the job done. And I don’t even remember what Chinese company makes the bipod…. all I remember is I spent 12 bucks on it.

Shooting 1000 yards with a Deer Rifle and $40 scope possible? 10         Shooting 1000 yards with a Deer Rifle and $40 scope possible? 12 Full power at 810 yards

(Gun was safety checked and my neighbors all fly “Dont Tread on Me Flags” and knew what I was doing for you internet safety police)

A better scope makes you a better shooter…

A better scope help’s you SEE the target more clearly, and possibly tracks better with sharper parallax. Practice in fundamentals is what makes you a better shooter. Sure, a better scope can help you improve your shot, and overall group, all because you can see better. But with poor fundamentals, consistency is going to lack and the scope will be a tool you won’t know how to use correctly, regardless of its price point.

Quick tips: Having a camera to record your shots is a huge benefit if you’re out doing this by yourself without a spotter. Knowing your rifle’s characteristics and what it’ll do is key also. For instance, this rifle doesn’t achieve sub MOA accuracy until I warm up the barrel with 8 shots. It’s just what it does. I only clean my barrel when it stops giving me groups I know it’s capable of. Some fouling is a good thing. Lastly, weather temp affects your reloads, so notate however you can what was giving you sub MOA accuracy and include temp and conditions.

All in all, if you have the range to reach out, I encourage you to challenge yourself and see what you can do. This setup probably won’t win F-class competitions, and a better rifle does make for tighter groups, but for kicks it’s sure fun to hear steel ring after that near 4 second delay. Especially when you know you’re doing so on an honest cheap budget rifle.

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