Attention Lee Pro 4-20 Melting Pot Users! NOE Replacement Mould Guide/Adapter Now Available!

When I first bought my Lee bottom pour Pro 4-20 lead melting pot, I loved it.  I liked several things about it such as the capacity, the bottom pouring ability (much faster than my ladle casting), and the price!  After using it for a while, I noticed a few things that I wish I could change.  First, I wish it didn’t drip so much–they aren’t called “drip-o-matics” for no reason!  Second, I wish it had a PID built in–it would surely help maintain consistent temps.  Third, I wish it had a better mould guide (especially when using those NOE hollow point moulds and the heavier brass & steel moulds.)

Later on, I saved up for and purchased an RCBS Pro-Melt (gen1).  This casting pot is great!  I like the increased capacity (25lbs of lead) as well as the lack of drippage.  I know that some people’s RCBS pots might drip, but mine rarely does.  The temperature dial does pretty good at being consistent, but not quite accurate according to the temps on the dial.  I use a lead pot thermometer to verify my temps with the Pro-Melt.  The mould guide on the RCBS pot is simple like the Lee, but has some of the same issues too.  The primary issue of the Pro-Melt is when casting with the NOE RG moulds.  The guide is small, so the rg clips just hit and bump the RCBS guide.

More recently, I saved up some more money and purchased the Lyman MAG25 casting pot.  I love the PID on this pot–easy to set and maintain consistent temperatures!  The capacity is great too with 25 lbs of lead.  There are a few things that I don’t like with that casting pot. First, the casting pot lacks a decent universal mould guide (the one it comes with is horrible in my opinion).  That’s probably the thing that bothered me the most.  Second, the spout sits a little farther back making it difficult to see the spout.  I have to raise the pot up on some wood blocks in order for it to be at the right height for me.  Third, my Lyman pot drips a little (not quite as bad as the Lee, but not as little as the RCBS).  The mould guide that comes with this pot was so terrible that I had to remove it in order to cast with my Lee, Accurate, and NOE bullet moulds.  I knew I had to build a replacement, or draw up a design to have NOE or a machine shop build for me.

I set to work drawing up a mould guide replacement for the Lyman pot.  I went through several iterations before taking the design to NOE.  When I took it to NOE, Al asked me if it would work with the RCBS pot too, since a few customers had asked him if he had a fix for the RG moulds on the RCBS pot.  I altered the design a little and NOE cut me out a prototype.  I ended up making a few different modifications on the mould guide so that it would work on both pots (the RCBS and Lyman).  After it was finished, NOE made a bunch of them (the gen 1 mould guides).

Casting with the Gen 1 mould guides from NOE was great!  It made casting with the heavy brass and steel moulds much easier.  Casting with the NOE RG (hollow point) moulds was sooooo much nicer.  Soon after the Gen 1 mould guides were finished, several Lee casting pot owners asked if I could draw up a design for an adapter so the Lee guys could use the same guide.  I went over to NOE and bounced some ideas off of Matt (the machinist) and Al (NOE mould guru).  We modified the design and made a prototype adapter.  At the same time, I had a request from a guy at another casting site to move the set screws to a different location.  We did this and also cut out a hole for the drips to go through (especially nice with the Lee pots).  I tested the designs several times and then gave the ok to make a bunch of them.  The video above shows how to install the Lee adapter and mould guide, and the links below are for the products at the NOE site.  If you want to get one, be sure to use the coupon code flt001 to save a few bucks!  Tell them Taco sent you!

Link to NOE Lee Mould Guide Adapter:
Link to NOE Gen 2 Mould Guide:
Link to NOE Gen 1 Mould Guide:

Stay safe & happy casting!
-Mister Taco

The video is just a quick & short video showing how to install the new NOE mould guide adapter that I designed with NOE for the Lee bottom pour 20 lb pots.

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