Getting Ready for Outdoor Enthusiasm

Getting Ready for Outdoor Enthusiasm 5

Along with they joy of fine tuning my ammunition for my outdoor fun, there’s another angle lots of people enjoy.

My family is lucky enough to have that “camp up north” place.  We also (luckily) have that “cottage up north”.  Not wanting to brag or make others feel inferior at all, but me and my father in particular, live to hunt every November.  I spend a majority of my summer just getting ready for hunting, and ready for winter all together.

With the newest “camp” addition we have is a pair of decent cabins on 40 acres, SURROUNDED 100% by national forest.  This is an OFF GRID location.   In previous videos you can see me huffing gallon jugs of water uphill to HAVE water in the camp.  You can see the aftermath of an install on an “on demand” water heater. This is an on going problem; I’m slowly coming up with a solution.  The electricity is currently provided by a 3kW LP generator…..for a night light…or a power tool, the generator has to run. Getting Ready for Outdoor Enthusiasm 7

Last October my younger brother and I installed 6 solar panels at 100W a piece, which is way better for the occasional power need, and not using a generator.  However, on this Memorial Day weekend, we made staying at the camp a bit more comfortable.   Now, according to our math, running everything high-efficiency, we can run 3 interior lights and our television for 4 straight days without ANY sunlight. So now, hopefully, with all this extra power we do not have to run this guy   ———–>

Unless we bring up a microwave.

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