Live Chat, Instant Messaging, or a Forum for The Reloaders Network?

Do You Desire More?

Are you enjoying the content here at The Reloaders Network, but find yourself wishing for more content, and more connection?  Does the idea of direct conversation and interaction with your favorite TRN authors and the rest of reloading/bullet casting/firearms and shooting sports enthusiast community pique your interest?

Come and join us on Slack!

What is Slack?

Slack isn’t exactly a traditional forum, though it has some of the same functions.  It isn’t strictly a messaging app, though it does allow for group, individual, public, and private messages.  Slack is a service/application that allows for conversations among the entire community, as well as among individuals.

Through Slack you can chat live with other people that are online.  You can send messages to folks that are offline, and they can respond when they log back in.  You can talk privately with individuals, or with groups of people.  You can take part in public conversations with the rest of the community.  You can get help with your latest project, provide assistance to others, and show off your latest accomplishments.  And, it’s free!

How Do I Connect?

There are lots of ways to connect to Slack.  You can access Slack in your web browser.  There are also phone, tablet, and computers apps.  These apps are made for Apple/iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.  There’s a very good chance that if you can read this post, you can connect to Slack.

Instructions for how to join and connect can be found here:

What’s Being Discussed?

Just about anything and everything, really.  There are public conversations, and there are private conversations.  Slack allows for direct messaging among members, and also allows for private (hidden) conversations among groups of people.  (Not even the administrators can see the private conversations.)

The public conversations in Slack are arranged loosely by topic.  Each of these topics, or rooms, are called ‘channels’.  You can subscribe, or unsubscribe, from any of these channels as you see fit.  We currently have a number of public channels.

We have a few ‘guns and ammo’ channels to partake in:

  • Firearms
  • Reloading
  • Shooting
  • Cast Bullets
  • Hollow Point Bullets
  • Experimental Loads
  • 38 Snubbie Revolver

Feel like being Social?  Try one of these channels:

  • Water Cooler – (it’s like standing around the office water cooler; just about any topic can come up)
  • Art Gallery – (this is a great place to show off your reloading bench, your new rifle, your puppy, your powder coated bullets…)
  • What I Did Today – (share your latest efforts, accomplishments, and adventures)

Do you want to connect with folks from your part of the world?  We currently have 5 region based channels:

  • Australia
  • California
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Georgia Connection

Is your money currently burning a hole in your pocket?  We have a couple channels that can help:

  • Buy/Sell/Trade
  • Deal Alerts

Do you need some inspiration?  Or some controversy?:

  • Charity and Causes
  • Current Events
  • Politics and Law
  • Religion and Faith

We’re always ready to help:

  • Suggestions/Feedback
  • Questions About Slack

Do you want to discuss the state of affairs of The Reloaders Network, YouTube, or your favorite content creator?:

  • TRN Website
  • YouTube
  • a number of channels that are specific to individual YouTubers and TRN authors

Don’t see the topic you’re looking for?  We can make more channels to support whatever you desire.

So, come and join the conversation with the rest of the online shooting, reloading, and bullet casting community!  We would love to have you join in.  This is a great place to both teach and learn, and we hope to see you there!

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