Taurus 689 .38 Special / .357 Load Development Series

Taurus 689 Load Development Part 1 Introduction

In this video, we discuss the parameters of this project as well as give a little backstory of the firearm itself. We then go in depth about choosing the components for initial testing. I hope you enjoy!



Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages (well most ages),

I have begun posting on UGETube. I am starting off with the Taurus 689 Load Development series. There are 5 videos in this series spanning quite an array of folly, misfortune, and lamentation. I would be honored if you would take a step back with me to the first videos I posted on YouTube. I am going to continue to upload my catalog onto UGETube as the weeks go by. I am not abandoning YouTube; however, I do believe UGETube is my preferred alternative and I will probably not be updating BitChute any further. As this process continues, I will be posting links here on the glorious Reloaders Network.

Oh, and I almost forgot, The Reloading Press now has a Facebook Page and an Instagram account:



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