Summoning The Inner Redneck!

Alright guys, today I’m summoning the inner redneck in my video.  For the longest time, I’ve wanted to shoot a car or vehicle.  Nothing illegal, nothing violent, etc…  I’ve just wanted to legally be able to shoot a car/vehicle and see what different cartridges and rounds do.  Opportunities to do so have almost come to fruition, but have fallen through at the last minute.  The day finally came where I was able to shoot a vehicle (LEGALLY) and record it on video.  I can finally cross that off of my “bucket list.”  The first gun I use is my Saiga 12g with 00 buckshot in a 20 round drum.  Then I switch to the 458 socom with 354 gr hard cast bullets to shoot the front of the vehicle to do damage to the engine block, etc…  Finally, I finish with my trusty 45-70 with some of the 354 gr hard cast bullets pushed with a large amount of win748.  I wish I had taken better footage and I wish it wasn’t so windy–but I put together a video with what I had.  Enjoy!

The Redneck Taco

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