Brownells YouTube channel terminated without warning or notice

Brownells, Inc. announced on their Facebook page that their YouTube channel “has been terminated without warning or notice.”


Brownells’ YouTube channel has been terminated without warning or notice.If you’re opposed to the continued attack on…

Posted by Brownells, Inc. on Saturday, June 9, 2018


Earlier today I posted a noticed about the Jarhead6 channel, “Another YouTube Strike Today for Firearms Content“, and then Buffalo’s Outdoors posted a video about a few channels receiving strikes, “YouTube “Strikes” Again – Check out the KB Freedom Act Channel“.

Since then we’ve also found out that the Beretta9mmUSA channel received two strikes within two days as well:

The 704 TACTICAL channel received a strike for a video about optics:

We will probably hear about more this weekend, and there will certainly be more in the future.  YouTube will continue to harass this community as long as it still exists.  Please have your favorite YouTube channels watch the video I posted last week, “What’s the Real Story with YouTube, Gun Channels, and the Future of Firearms Content?“, and have them plan now for their eventual future without YouTube.  The time for complaining is done.  The time for worrying is over.  It’s time to act.


EDIT:  Just found out that the Justin Opinion channel was also affected:


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