Another baseless YouTube Strike – GunGuyTV

I just found out about another of many YouTube strikes against firearms channels this weekend.  This one was against the GunGuyTV channel.  The channel owner, Joel Persinger, posted this video which he titled, “YouTube is trying to shut me down again”:



For those not familiar with GunGuyTV, this is not a “troublemaker” channel.  Here is an excerpt from their ‘About’ page:

“My son and I make all kinds of gun related videos. We love to do outdoor things (hunt, shoot, hike, camp, etc.), so I do a Vlog about this stuff as we go. We’re church going Christian, American gun owners and we don’t apologize for any of it. We love God, we love each other and we love our country. We believe that you should never leave your home without two things: a Bible and a gun. We like to have fun on this channel. Sometimes we can get a little goofy, so I hope you keep your sense of humor.”

So, within the last day or two, YouTube has:

As I stated in the post about the Brownells channel being terminated, we will probably hear about more strikes this weekend, and there will certainly be more in the future.  YouTube will continue to harass this community as long as it still exists.  Please have your favorite YouTube channels watch the video I posted last week, “What’s the Real Story with YouTube, Gun Channels, and the Future of Firearms Content?“, and have them plan now for their eventual future without YouTube.  The time for complaining is done.  The time for worrying is over.  It’s time to act.

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