PoorBoy’s Ultrasonic Brass Case Cleaner ‘FAIL’ and a TURRET PRESS LIGHTING experiment

I have a walnut filled vibratory cleaner & a Thumblers model B tumbler filled with the stainless steel pins and have been using both for many years now. However lately I’ve been practicing with the .45ACP and having to make lots of reloads to keep up with the practice. I was looking for a quick way to clean the brass so I could get it back into service quickly…that’s where the ‘hair balled idea’ of making an ultrasonic brass cleaner came from…it was a failed attempt to speed the cleaning process but I did come up with a pretty good ultrasonic device…here’s the story >


The turret press lighting is just a short snort video on a couple attempts to light the T-Mag II turret…turrets are a bit ticklish to light successfully without having something to mount the light on. I’m trying to find a way to do it with the minimum amount add-on fixture involved. These new LED lights that are made in every sort of design keep me thinking about the turret every time I run across a new variety. Here’s a couple that actually worked… >


Well Boys, summer is here in NorCal and it’s time to make some empty cases…I hope youalls’ weather has turned into summer too…time for BBQ’s, cold suds, friends & family and of course our favorite hobby…making empty brass cases!

“Be careful out there Boys, Have a great summer and don’t hurt yourselves!”

c h a r l i e

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