Update: Brownells and GunGuyTV back on YouTube….for now

The YouTube strike against the GuyGunTV channel has been removed, and his video has been restored.  He just posted this update about the situation:


Also, the Brownells, Inc channel has been restored. As our own PC Bullet Empire reported:


Was this a direct attack by YouTube against firearms content, or was it a coordinated “flagging” attack by some other group?  We don’t know, and we likely never will.  What we do know is that this was not the first time nonsense like this has happened, and it won’t be the last.  As was mentioned in the first video, it is important for our community to stick together and speak up and speak out corporately as firearms topics are attacked on YouTube, on the Internet, and in the court of public opinion.  They attack us as a community, and we can and should respond as a community.

As he also mentioned, this is taxing on the creators, but it’s also very taxing on the viewers.  This is an important fight, and we’ll let you know when nonsense like happens again, but that is not our only focus.  Let’s get back to the casting pots, the reloading benches, and to the range, but don’t forget to periodically check your six.

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