.45ACP – Hollow Point Casting and Powder Coating with the MP 452-200 Mold

(The original version of this video was posted to YouTube on November 9, 2017)

I recently purchased a mold to cast .45 caliber bullets for my 1911.  In this video, I use the mold to cast three different style bullets, and then powder coat and size them.  This mold has no lube groove, and the bullets must be coated with Hi-Tek or powder coat.


The MP Mold is the MP 452-200 HP

A similar style of bullet offered by NOE, the HTC452-230-RF

Charles Irby’s upside down sizing press project: ‘SIZING CAST PROJECTILES’ . . . From Lube-Sizing to Lee push through to an Upside Down Press . . . “What?”

Powder Coat:

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