‘Old Porch Dog Productions’ releases new video . . . ‘DANCING with GRANNY’

Well boys, here it is . . . ‘Dancing with Granny’ dedicated to the patient and imaginative tinkerer handloaders who love old American Steel Machines, made in America machines that used to mesmerize us back in the day when most of the presses around were some variety of a single stage press. Granny is from back in the day of batch loading when cartridges weren’t made high speed like today with any number of brands of affordable progressive presses.

This was RCBS’s attempt at an inline progressive press. I think it was in production from 1980~1984 and then it was cancelled. Problems with the press made it hard to impossible to prime on the press unless you were a watch maker and could keep it finely adjusted and tuned up. The powder drop aggravated people also when one of the case supply tubes ran out of brass and suddenly the operator was dropping powder on the platen of the press. I tell Ya boys…just the name ‘Green Machine’ makes many a dissatisfied reloader’s blood boil when they look back at all the time and money they spent to have one of these less than stellar machines!

Today Green Machines are spread all across America collecting dust in the back of the garage or out in the barn with the other outdated and rusted hulks of old American Steel…some may have found themselves on the end of a rope and used as a boat anchor, but this ole girl somehow found me. She made her way all the way across America from somewhere on the East coast to Northern California here in the Sierras where she for the first time, became loved and appreciated, repaired and modified to run .38 Special Full Wad Cutters in my little stable of old loading presses.

If you have the time and the inclination please give my latest video production above a watch…I hope you’all enjoy it as much as I did in the making.

I hope you fellas enjoyed seeing this old press still doing what it was designed to do. If you like this sort of thing you can find this and other old progressives still out there and some of them are actually making ammo for their proud owners…nobody can make biscuits like Granny’s biscuits…and she makes outstanding ammo as well!


“Thanks for your time watching . . . I hope this summer will be fun and productive for all you fellas too . . . be careful out there, and don’t hurt yourselves!”

c h a r l i e

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