Quick and Dirty Reloading Bench 1.0 Beta

Quick and dirty project, quick and dirty post.

I got my hands on a Black & Decker workmate 225, some lumber, screws, and an old roll-around dishwasher.

Time to add it all together…..

The Workmate bench cost $80 off of Amazon.

The dishwasher top was free.

The lumber, screws, and wood glue totaled about $15.

This short project is so I have a way to reload at the camp “Up North”.  This table will get LIGHT reloading use, moderate gun cleaning table use, but hopefully heavy shooting bench use. Quick and Dirty Reloading Bench 1.0 Beta 3 I realize the actual dishwasher top part is particle board and don’t expect a long life out of it. So my future plan is to use 1″ plywood, with tongue-and-groove boards underneath to lock into the workmate bench.

This is not an End-All, Be-All complete how-to beginning to end Reloading Bench project…but if you need quick and easy, get ‘er done, have something to use….Here’s an idea.  =)

If you want something to last for decades….I feel like a good idea might be in the hands of THE RELOADING PRESS.


Until the next post, HAPPY FATHERS DAY, and Thanks for Everything.



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