‘Old Porch Dog Productions’ at it again…releases another video…’CASTING FULL WADCUTTERS’

The old retired guy is at it again boys…got up this morning with an ‘idea’ for a new video. For the first time ‘Granny’ reveals her personal & private recipe for .38/.357 FWC’s. This old recipe has proven itself time and again for thousands of years already. I think Moses used it for his dragoon muskets back in the day.

Seriously though, it’s a video with a few ‘hints & tips’ about the way I cast in the shop here. Figuring how much lead to blend, weighing it out, setting up the lead pot w/PID and mould oven and casting good casts from the first pour. And of course…some good music to cast by.

If you have the time, give’r a look…I think you’ll like it cause “we aim to please around this here joint…”

“Alright…I hope you enjoyed it and will leave a comment or two…as always, have a good time boys, watch your 6…be careful out there and don’t hurt yourselves!”

c h a r l i e

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