The Pickering Chronicles #7 – Interlude

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right — here I am stuck in the middle. . . “
– Gerald Rafferty/Joe Egan

Written on the fly; home in two weeks or so.

We are out of Africa on our way to mainland China.

We are in Hong Kong and — frankly speaking — I prefer the jungles of Zimbabwe to the jungles of this city. Everyone in this town is glued to a cell phone. No eye contact at all. Everywhere is crowded.

“Hey! Who ya shoving?”
“I dunno. What’s yer name?”

Relatives of mine lurk in every nook and cranny. Temperatures hover above 90 while humidity hovers above 90%. Home is a crispy newspaper. The city hums and sweats; so do I.

The past few days I’ve gotten access to the net and a hint of how far behind I am in viewing videos. I haven’t even seen the first of the Reloading Room Renovation installments.


We departed HongKong in the morning 18th June. We are now in Nanjing, eastern China. To my absolute surprise I can receive both Major League Baseball AND The Reloaders Network. All is not lost here. I’ll find an air-conditioned cafe w/ wifi and try to catch up.

Zimbabwe hunting was both good and bad. More about it after I’m back in Canada. In the meantime I can report that in addition to my PH, my Guide, three Trackers and a Ranger from Government of Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Department, every day we were in the bush there was a guy perched on the back bumper of our Land Cruiser hanging onto a container. He swore the gas can was named after him — called it a “Jerry Can” — but wouldn’t disclose his last name.

More to follow. . .



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