D.I.Y. Wet Tumbler

I’ve been dry my brass since I started reloading, with decent results. All my brass is range pick-ups, I make it my goal to leave the range with more brass than I took, so much of what I end up with is tarnished and some downright dirty. So, being cheap budget minded, and having a few slow days at work, I set about building a wet tumbler from mostly on-hand parts.

What I ended up with works OK, the result could be better, and will probably be a stepping stone to buying a proper wet tumbler. Different detergent may be the trick for better results, maybe longer tumble time; it’s still a work in progress. So here is my homegrown tumbler, a batch of really dirty pick-ups, a bunch of mental and verbal ‘uhs’ and poor camera work, then the results.

My cellphone camera doesn’t do justice to the different shades of brass shine. The wet tumbled pieces are cleaner and shinier, it’s just hard to tell from the pictures.

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