‘Change up’ . . . and a plea to ‘ole James Pollard’

Before James’s friendly advice…I couldn’t hit a Bull in the butt with a base fiddle . . . much less my 1911.

Actually I’m just doing my regular 50 round practice using a timer and hoping that someday I’ll be competent to shoot fast and actually hit what I’m looking at. So far it’s taking a lot of serious time behind the gun and learning to stop being pressured by that dang timer. The timer was suggested by James Pollard, one of our valued members here on the Network. For many years, as I understand it…James shot competitive, got fast and did a lot of winning. I can’t say what sanctioned events…I don’t know one from another, never been to one although I’ve seen it on the YouTube. Looks like fun, these fellas are fast as ‘greased lightning’ and just as deadly.

It is my design to learn these skills though I have no aspirations to compete…it’s a personal goal trying to attain fast accuracy and I believe I can get there. On the other side of the coin, it gives an old retired guy something to do with his time.

James gave me some tips and coaching over at Slack a few times, he suggested a timer and a few other things and the net result for me has been some real improvement…which leads me to the ‘plea’ I made. We have a plethora of fellas doing videos and writing about the technical end of our interests but we don’t have the first guy writing about what it is like to compete in fast pistol shooting. What does one do if they are interested in competition? How should they practice, how much should they practice? Are there any insights to being competitive that James could share? What type equipment and platform does it require? What are some funny stories you remember happening in your practice or competition? I’ll bet he would make one of the most interesting authors we have on the Network!

So…in a nutshell that’s my plea to James Pollard…disguised as a video called ‘Change Up’.


I am enthusiastic about the growth of our new Reloaders Network, there’s nothing out there like it and I’ve never seen such a group of men come together in friendship and try to help each other out like I’ve seen here in the short time of it’s existence…I want to see it grow and become ‘the’ place to find anything you want to know about our shared interest in shooting/reloading/casting. I think James would be a valued asset and great author.

“Alright…signing off for now…”Watch that 6 boys…be careful, have fun and don’t hurt yourselves!”

c h a r l i e

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