Video Response to LoB challenge to make more YouTube content…We can even do more!

It’s like Mr Bacon can read my thoughts.  In the following video I recommend a few additional steps for us to support each other in this fight.   I think we may have a window here to make ourselves hard to ignore.

YouTube seems to be in flux; they seem to be going in opposite directions at the same time.  On one hand, they continue to give random strikes, probably based on viewer flags.  And on the other hand, they have remonetized all of my old flagged videos, and now they are placing video ads on my reloading vids.  I think it is safe to say they have never treated my channel better…what gives?  Maybe I am slipping through the cracks, or maybe they have decided to just shut up and make money?

So in addition to what LoB has already said, I would say that we can support our presence there best by supporting each other’s channels.  (I haven’t been great about this in the past myself.)  We should all be subscribed to each other at the very least.   Click the like button…be an engaged community.

If you meet the criteria, apply for a YouTube partnership.  MAKE THEM SAY NO!  If a channel doesn’t meet the threshold we should boost them up until they do.  Channels like KFW, The Reloading Press, Charles Irby, Uncle Jim, etc.  (The criteria is 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of overall watch time within the past 12 months.  It sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.  My little channel does many times that.)

This is in the video, but here’s what else we can do… Support the ads if you can.   Let video ads run for at least 30 sec.  Let popups stay in view if you can for a little bit, and if you find the ad content interesting, click on it, etc.  If it’s a product you want to use, buy it.  Supporting ads on content providers is like making a free Patreon donation.

I hope this doesn’t sound self serving, not my intent.  I just want to share information about how to make our community more lucrative for the platforms we are on so we are harder to mistreat.

Note:  The more established channels have more to lose from poking the bear, so I get that FortuneCookie45LC may employ a different strategy for survival.  The upstart channels have less to lose and should, in my opinion, go for it as an insurgency.  This is all just my opinion guys, for what it’s worth.

(video loaded on BitChute; Google may take a dim view of me describing how the ad system works)

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