DIY Wet or Dry Tumbler from Scooter Drive Unit

Built this thing from a mobility scooter drive and stuff I had around. 50 cent pails from the bakery [don’t ask].

One bucket is bolted to the hub of the drive unit. I call it a sleeve drive. Tumbling buckets just slip in that one and you can use any combination of tumbling methods without cleaning the buckets every time.

I have 2# of pins and it easily holds a gallon of water and a good bit of brass. These pails are small like 2.5 gallon capacity. Pretty sure you could put a 15 gallon drum or maybe larger if you supported the drum with an idler. The scooter was rated for a 250# person, and the scooter with batteries was over 100#, so you can go bigger than I have. I just don’t need that much capacity.

Using a dumb battery charger as power supply.

An Amazon speed control was $13.

All powered from the sun!

It is a prototype, so the base is a clamp and the angle of the drive is being experimented with, so nothing is fixed in that regard.

George Lucas is not in any danger from Old Dog New Tricks Studios.


Any questions I will respond in comments.

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