Making 133 gr. 9mm Plinking Ammo!

Hey guys!
Been a little since I made a “start to finish” video–and finally caught my breath a little from the busyness of summer, enough to throw together a video.  I was actually searching my channel for my 9mm plinking ammo video a week or two ago, when I realized I never ended up editing the footage and making it, so the video did not exist.  I decided to remedy that and finish my video.  This video shows the process for making my 9mm plinking ammo.  I use this ammo in everything from a MAC11 clone, 9mm AR15, down to my “regular” handguns like my Beretta 92fs and Glock 19 etc…  I usually go with either about 4.2 gr of Unique or 3.5 gr of HP-38 and that NOE 133gr round nosed bullet for my plinker 9mm loads.  In this video, I happen to be using my HP-38 load.  Enjoy!  I hope to be putting out a status update video soon as well as a Sub 2000 giveaway or is that a 2000 sub giveaway??? (exclusive to The Reloaders Network).  Exciting times ahead my friends!


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