Setting Up A Reloading Area On A Budget – Part 2

I first started on this theme a few weeks ago when I detailed my Harbor Freight bench. At the time I noted that my choice to cover the top with green felt, though good for working on firearms, didn’t stand up well to wear. I got distracted (Like a squirrel) by something shiny, and here I am a month later.  The felt was soon catching and retaining every scrap of brass trimmings, powder and dry media spilled. The brass trimmings are especially hard to vacuum up from the felt.

Setting Up A Reloading Area On A Budget - Part 2 3

The felt quickly started pilling up and I found my powder pan resting on the fuzz, and the Lee scale seemed to zero differently if I moved it around on the bench. It seems to me that the small pads on the bottom of the scale were sinking into the felt to varying degrees.

I briefly considered putting a study shelf on the wall behind the bench to permanently place the scale out of the way, and I still may, but I have future plans to wall mount a computer monitor there, at some point. My simple, but inelegant solution was a square of high density vinyl tile.

Setting Up A Reloading Area On A Budget - Part 2 5


I made a cut-out where my powder measure is screwed to the bench, and now I have a consistently level surface for the scale, and a surface to catch any stray kernels that spilled. Total cost 98¢ plus tax.

The felt will eventually be replaced, probably with a denim material that doesn’t pick or retain brass trimmings.


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