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Above is a link for an active group buy on the NOE forum. As many of you know, NOE is one of our Reloader’s Network sponsors. NOE molds are incredibly nice molds and are quite easy to use. Their service is great, and they are quick to ship.

How their forum works: members are allowed to start discussions on bullet designs they would like to have. The bullet is designed, if there is enough interest, Al Nelson will allow an “active group buy” to progress. When ten people sign up for a mold, he puts them into production. The forum member Cornmastah is our very own Full.Lead.Taco.

Back to the link. The link is for a 359-129gr truncated cone that is available in flat or a hollow point. It is specifically designed to be powder or HTC coated with no lube grooves. You can order in two through five cavity configurations in aluminum or brass. The prices for each are listed. There are other group buys going on as well, from .22 up to .45. Go check them out!

I’m personally going load this in 38 special and size it down to a .356/9mm for 357 SIG. But, I know all you revolver guys would ease these bad boys into some .357 magnums for a smoking hot round.

All that said, we only need to get two more folks to sign up to get it into production for everyone to buy. Don’t hesitate, log in and sign up. And, thanks Mike for another great design.,2198.0.html

NOE Active Group Buy 3

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