NEW Lee Safety Prime, updated yet again. Looks like version 3.0… So far, so good!

I wanted to let all the Lee press users know that Lee has recently updated (fixed) their Safety Prime dispensers.  By my count this is the third update to the Safety Prime levers.   The second version was a complete failure and possibly unsafe which is probably why Lee kinda just snuck these new ones into the market.   Be careful if you order because they are still using the old part number, I assume there is a risk of getting old stock.

They beefed up the arm so it doesn’t separate and twist like it did before.  I actually had primers flip over sideways in the tube and even seated one that way.

The trigger assembly is completely redone and very easy to operate.   No more cupping your free hand under the press to catch dropped primers…So far, they have worked flawlessly for me.

Here’s a short video on the subject:

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