Pistol Load Workups…part 3…Forensics of a test load, collecting & evaluating evidence

Our test loads are made up and ready, loaded in the magazines…cameras are set out and the chronograph is in the line of fire. Kyle is having flashbacks and starting to break out in a cold sweat…it’s now or never. Did I mention it’s hotter than a pistol out here?

Ha! Let’s test this first batch of rounds and see what we can determine when we collect all the evidence…


“Ok boys, that’s all I have for you in this little series. Here’s hoping that it may have enlightened someone or . . . in the least given you all some insight to how an ‘old Porch Dog’ does a specific load workup with targeted numbers predetermined beforehand.

Thanks for watching and commenting…watch that 6, be careful out there and don’t hurt yourselves boys!”

c h a r l i e

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