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So a few day back someone mentioned the best manuals for cast bullet data and Charlie mentioned the Lyman 4th edition Cast Bullet Manual. This sparked a conversation between Charlie, Harm, and I about the differences between the third edition and the fourth edition. I was interested because I only had the third edition and if there weren’t many changes then I was hesitant to upgrade to the newest manual. However, Harm told me that the new manual had a more extensive selection of up-to-date molds from more than just Lyman. In addition, the cast bullet section was better written, or at least, easier to follow. After hearing this, I decided that I needed this manual in my life and vowed on the threat of pain to make this book mine.

Much to my surprise (and inability to spell surprise), Harm messaged me that he could send me a copy and got my address. I thought sweet I’ll save a few bucks to go towards powder or something and I won’t have to endure the pain of a broken vow. I assumed that Harm had an extra copy after his dog accidentally chewed up his original or something along those lines. NOPE!

Thank you Harm this was super generous. Thank you

In this video I unbox a gift from Harm a Fellow reloader on The Reloaders Network. Thank you very much Harm and I will certainly pay this forward.

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