Comparing Lee’s Value Turret Press to their Classic Turret press

Value turret press link

Classic turret press link


Thanks to Kenny @eagleeyeshooting I had a chance to do a side by side comparison of the NEW Lee Value Turret press and the older Classic Turret press.

Hopefully the video gives the viewer a good look at the difference between these two.   I started out not liking the value press, but after use, I warmed up to it, quirks and all.  I still prefer the Classic but the value press is a lot of function for a press in the $80 range.


I’ve been asked about the Value press capacity/clearance for larger cartridges.  I can’t give a clear answer because I don’t have any magnum cartridges to test but I will try to give some reference.

  • The Classic press has about 3/8″ more clearance
  • I put the largest case I have (7.5 X 55 Swiss) with a 170 gr spire point resting on top in the shell holder and still had about 1/2″ clearance to the seating die.
  • And last from the Lee website:

“Large enough to handle monster belted magnum rifle cases.”

“For rifle reloaders, the maximum cartridge length that can be reloaded on this press is 2.3125 inches. Any cartridge longer than this you will have to dis-engage the auto index and manually turn the turret by hand. In addition, you will need to purchase a rifle charging die, and appropriate case length gauge to trim your brass after sizing.”
UPDATE: I fooled around a little with some homemade 300 blackout pmc brass.

  • I loaded two rounds with 125gr SMK (Lee dies)
  • One had .003″ runout the other .002″
  • The CBTO was exactly the same on both rounds (1.444″). so its capable of making a good consistent and concentric ammo.


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