Melting and Processing Scrap Lead and Making 265 lbs of Ingots

In one of my previous videos, I showed my latest scrap lead haul.  In the video below, I show the setup I use to melt down dirty scrap lead (dental x-ray foils & stained glass window scrap), clean it, flux it, and pour it into ingots.  I ended up not finishing all my lead, but got 265 lbs of it finished.  I included an equipment list below.  Got questions? Feel free to comment!

-Dutch oven (Harbor Freight 12″) $25-30
-Stainless steel ladle and serving spoon for skimming (Rite Aid) $5
-Harbor Freight weed burning torch $16-20
-Cinderblocks not sure on cost–already had a bunch at my house
-Fancy NOE 1lb, 2lb, & 4 ingot molds $37 (… )
-Lee ingot molds $11 ( )
-Cast iron sausage cooker (as an ingot mold) $15 ( )
-Leather gloves

Simon’s Song by Dan Lebowitz


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