Mailcall, Scooter Drive Tumbler enhancements, Jam Master MkII and Rapid Prototyping

OK, folks, another Wildly acclaimed comedy released by Old Dog New Tricks Studio. Today we muddle our way through Mail Call from LoB, Scooter Drive Tumbler modifications, My highly specialized, copyrighted and patented RPK or Rapid Prototyping Kit.

We introduce the world to the Fully Open Source Jam Master Mark II, an essential for every pistol shooter, but especially for reloader types.


Still working on a lot of parts of this video production stuff. Sound and lighting being the main shortfalls. If it makes you think or laugh, helps you sort something out it’s all good. I do it cuz its fun and hope it entertains you and you got full value for your money!


Sorry you can’t actually see the shirt. I had the zoom set too close. It’s a nice shirt with The Reloaders Network logo on it like the mug, decal and patch.


Much thanks to Loads of Bacon. And some James guy who handles his office drudgery! ;=>


Sorry, today was a lot of teaser and limited content. I promise to review the Caldwell Brass Retriever, talk about the pistol range day that did not happen because my hip blindsided me today after I got to the range. Been home munching on Vicodin and slaving over a hot action camera for my 3 fans!


I will get to the Monkey Gun. AKA “Hi-Point Carbine” Lots of haters but it has gone “Bang” every time I pulled the trigger on viable ammo. Shoots fine, sucks to clean. Pure Planet of the Apes look.


I recently got the Lee case collator head and tube kit. So will show what I’m doing with that on my Lee 4 hole turret Press


Got The Shell sorter pans as well.  Not much to add about those. They work as expected, sort .45 and bigger  in yellow pan, .40 and 10MM in the Blue and 9 mil / .380 into the black, dirt and small stuff fall thru.


The 12 step program for brass addicts just had a giant fail!


Dubya Out!

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