Who is GunFun and is his channel dead?

I wanted to debut on TRN with some really cool and clever series, but I decided to just upload whatever came next and put it here too.

As it happens, I have a large queue of potential topics, some of which have part of the work done, others of which are figments of a fevered brain.

Here are the things that I think are worth making videos or written posts about:

  1. Things that interest me. Everything gets filtered through this gate, but the bad news is that nearly everything interests me. I am a curious guy, and I care about everything except gossip and sports. I might even give a pass on a few sports if they are interesting (I might be a horrible hipster).
  2. Things others haven’t covered better.
  3. Questions I have asked that I didn’t find easy answers to.
    1. If I don’t have the answers, I like to consult the hivemind. You know more than I do. Also Cunningham’s law is a pretty useful tool.
    2. Things that had answers which I had to composit from confusing or scattered sources. In this case my post or video is a synthesis of what I learned from others. I try to stick to the theories which I have tried, and which are “best practices.” I’m a big believer in “elegant design”– A thing whether it is an object or process is “perfect” when there’s nothing left to add or to remove. Odds are, if I make a video about how to do something, I have spent a lot of time refining. If I tell you that a step is necessary or should be omitted, that means I have put a lot of work into it. If you are new to the process, I would really suggest following the steps exactly as I describe for a bit. Then experiment and compare.
    3. Less frequently, I have an idea that I think is new. I get really excited if I have a genuinely innovative idea to share. However, usually posting something like this catches the attention of others who have had parallel innovation. Sometimes we get to learn from each other and borrow features.
  4. Product reviews. I basically try to give the information I would want to know if I were in the market. However, there are a lot of reviews, around, so these posts usually don’t get past #2 above.
  5. Adventures.
  6. Dance.
  7. Philosophy
  8. Literature
  9. misc.

P.s. most of my videos are tied into techy interests of mine. Lately that has mostly meant guns, but it could as easily be paintball, knives and knife making, machining, gunsmithing, motorcycles, cars, or a better way to press garlic. — I should crank out that video ASAP. Garlic presses deserve to be thrown away. There is a much better way, and as usual, violence is the answer!


Anyway, if you made it this far, here’s the main point. If you have something you personally want to hear what I have to say about, I would really like to hear it. I’ll do my best.

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