Casting, Loading, and Shooting 230gr (233gr) 45 ACP Suppressed!

Every once in a while you find something that just works, and works well every time.  It seems like perfection in a way.  That is how I felt about my NOE 230 gr bullet mold which was a clone of the H&G 34 mould.  Link to that mold.  The mold always seemed to cast good bullets, and the old H&G34 design fed in EVERYTHING of mine chambered in 45 ACP.  It’s just a dang good bullet!  After I got into powder coating cast bullets, I was able to use some of the grooveless bullet molds which were specifically designed to be powder coated.  The grooveless ones fall out of the bullet molds with minimal tapping or whacking–sometimes they fall right out as soon as you open the mold.  Very nice!  They also seemed to shoot just as well as my older styled grooved bullets.

Well, I noticed that NOE didn’t offer a round nose 45ACP bullet in a grooveless configuration, and I wanted one.  I talked to Al at NOE and asked if he’d consider making one based on the previous mold that I loved so much.  I asked if he could just reduce the diameter slightly to account for the added thickness of the powder coat.  He ended up making a batch and I picked one up soon thereafter.  I immediately went home and followed the break-in procedure for new molds.  (link to mold break-in procedure) I’ve found that when I do that break-in procedure, I get good bullets on the first or second casting.

The first available Saturday, I was casting with this new grooveless 45 ACP mold.  It made great bullets!  I continued to use this mold and have put thousands of rounds through my 45’s with bullets made from it.  Despite the 2-3 gr of weight increase with the grooveless bullets, I’ve found that my same loads as the grooved bullets work well.  I made a video showing my process of casting, loading and shooting.

For the shooting segment, I used my SIG P220 single stack pistol with the Silencerco Octane45HD suppressor as well as my Masterpiece Arms 45acp Carbine with the Silencerco Hybrid suppressor.  The SIG P220 does not have raised sights, so my accuracy isn’t the greatest with the suppressor attached.  The suppressor blocks the sight picture a bit.  The MPA Carbine is very heavy, but a fun pistol caliber carbine–and VERY RELIABLE.  That carbine eats EVERYTHING, even shorter, wide meplat, or even hollow point bullets.  Even when it gets dirty, the MPA Carbine still keeps ticking.  Here is the video!

Hope you enjoy!
-Mister FLT

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