‘CharlieBrassStuffer meets Mr. BrassSmith’ . . . The new Lyman Brass Smith Powder Throw

“How does it compare?”

This past week has been hot and smokey out here in NorCali with fires everywhere. Yesterday we had a big fire start about 8 miles from me so I had to stop and race over to the other side of the valley and check it out for myself.  As a result, I had a heck of a time in getting this video put together in a timely fashion. But, alas…it’s done.

This video is my taking a ‘practical look’ at how well we can expect this new Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure to throw our ‘pistol powders’. I did not include rifle powders as I don’t use a manual throw for those, and for the reason that all throws have a tough time with extruded powders…they are not a part of this testing video. I included TiteGroup and 700-X, an ‘easy’ and a ‘tough’ powder to meter…kinda like metering a ‘box-O-salt’ or a ‘bag-O-tater chips’.

If you are not familiar with the Lyman Brass Smith, I would suggest that you first go over to Uncle Jim’s YouTube channel and take a look at his videos on this new measure…he did several videos that cover everything from the unboxing to cleaning and setting it up…then he threw some throws too. My video here doesn’t include any of all that…this is about using the Brass Smith in actual production runs of at least 50 rounds…I am hoping it will replace my Lyman 55 measure and be able to ride the turret press where I do my load workups and small production runs of 200 rounds or so.

I was very impressed with Uncle Jim’s review and his reviews were the reason I bought one also…but…the question remains, will it work for me the way I handle a powder throw?

For you newer reloaders out there that don’t have your own powder throws figured out, that don’t completely understand how these throws react to different brands and sizes of powders, I would suggest that you take an hour and evaluate your personal throw in the same manner that I’ve done here. It will show you exactly how your measure behaves to your particular operating technique and to the powder that you use. Until you actually plot all the throws on a simple chart as I have done here you will not have the ‘feel’ for what is actually happening. You can also change your throw technique, try tapping a little harder when you draw a new load of powder or try settling your hopper completely before you even get started throwing…every little subtle thing you change has a predictable effect on your results. It is an experiment you can do for yourself and it will broaden your understanding of one of the things we do to make quality ammunition as ‘throwing the charge’ is paramount in quality control.

Well it’s been nice to bring you fellas another video from the BrassStuffers shop. I hope this information will help you’all to determine whether or not you want to try this measure too…I really like it and think it will eventually make its way to ride the turrets on the Lyman T-Mag II press, it would be an asset there if…I can get that pesky lightweight handle heavy enough to stay put in the delivered position.

“As usual…I’ll sign off with my parting words…watch that 6 boys…have some fun, be careful & don’t hurt yourselves!”

c h a r l i e

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