Barrel Harmonics Testing – Part 1

It’s finally time for our barrel harmonics testing. We shoot groups with 10 muzzle devices and try to spot any trends.

Barrel Harmonics playlist (TiborasaurusRex video and others):

Our test devices:
The Lump 25oz
Krinkov Style Brake 9.1oz
Precision Armament M11 5.6oz
Harrell’s Precision Tuner Brake 5.1oz
DPMS Miculek Brake 4.1oz
Silencerco Flash Hider 3.4oz
Precision Armament M4-72 3.1oz
Procomp 762 3.1oz
VG6 Gamma 65 2.4oz
LimbSaver Sharpshooter X-Ring Barrel Deresonator 1.1oz


UPDATED 09/27/2018 – All links have been removed to comply with YouTube content policies.

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