TACOPOCALYPSE Primitive Casting And Reloading Without Electricity, Gas, or Propane!

So guys (and gals),

I’ve recently hit the YT 2000 subscriber mark and wanted to do something really cool for a video, and a challenge, and a giveaway.  Recently I’ve been saving up some money and raising some funds via my Patreon patrons to purchase some cool prize options.  I’ve been able to pick up a few options as prizes–A Keltec Sub 2000 (ha ha, a 2000 Sub backwards is a Sub 2000–makes sense, right?).  Also picked up an RCBS Pro-Melt 2 digital PID lead casting pot, some NOE goodies, a Radical Firearms 6.5 Grendel upper, and I’ve also decided to throw in one of my recently purchased Mod 98 Mausers to the mix of giveaway options.  The winner will have quite a selection to choose his/her prize from.  HOWEVER! I always make people do something in order to enter one of my giveaways.  Taco giveaways are not for the lazy!

I will post a link to the giveaway video instructions later on.  But first, I want to talk a little about my TACOPOCALYPSE video project.  Months ago, I was thinking about apocalyptic scenarios, otherwise known as SHTF scenarios, and was wondering what I would do if I was all out of ammo and there were no power and/or fuels.  Realistically, it would take a lot for me to be completely out of ammo, but what if there was a flood, theft, earthquake, etc… and my ammo was gone?  Too many “what if” scenarios to keep my mind busy, but I was wondering if I’d be able to cast and load ammo without electricity assuming I still had primers and powder.  The answer is YES!  And I decided to make a video showing how someone could realistically make ammo in a world without electricity.

People have been telling me to make longer videos, lol, so for this video I complied.  The video is long, but isn’t terribly long.  In the video I show how I make ammo without electricity or propane using only the tools I have right now.  I don’t want to spoil everything, but I will just say that I broke open an old rocket stove that has been sitting in a box in my garage for several years and put it to good use.  I found it difficult to keep feeding the rocket stove to maintain heat as well as cast, and record video all at the same time.  However, I did it, and recorded it for your enjoyment.  Watch the video and follow the link in the youtube video description to get details on how to enter the TACOPOCALYPSE 2000 sub giveaway.

I hope this challenge will be a fun one for you guys to do, happy casting and reloading!

Take care and stay safe.

FLT (Mike)

rules to enter:

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