Off Grid Water

Well Folks,

This had been a project that’s taken me all summer to get somewhere with.   I was planning to go about this a different way, but Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

On our property there’s a river that winds through the corner, and IN the river, ON the property, is a “artesian spring”. I’m no professional and I won’t claim to be, but to me….its just fresh water that bubbles up.  But, the river has been very high all summer and I cannot get to the spring with the equipment to do the task I have planned.

Plan B…..  Rain Catchment.

Currently all of our electricity, and the water pump that supplies pressure to the cabin are all in the same building.  This we call the “Power Haus”.  So deciding to have our water storage tanks near the pump, in the Power Haus was kind of a no brainer.  Getting water TO the tanks however has been a bit of a pain.  Hence the rain catchment.

Here is the Power Haus.

Off Grid Water 3

It is small, which means the roof is small, which means it will catch little rain.

Even though it’s small, the idea of having rain catchment is secondary to what my plan is to collect water from the river.  So this even though will be a minimal source, it can be (and more than likely will be) supplemented by importing water.

I did manage to put rain gutters up a few weeks ago, and in that time there has been roughly 3/4″ of rain.  According to an online calculator it comes out to about 50 gallons we caught from the sky.

No Huffing jugs UP A HILL.   This is a win for me since I’ve been the only one doing it.

Big win.

But please, try to enjoy the long video of a guy doing some plumbing outside.  You never know….you might get some ideas….

As always, I look forward to comments, even constructive advice.  =)

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