45-70 RAP (Have a Freakin’ Fabulous, Fantastic, and Fun Friday!)

So what happens when it is late at night, and you still have one more load of laundry you gotta get done?  Well, occasionally you get random genius combined with late night weirdness…  That’s what I am delivering today (as well as a wish for all of you to have a great Friday and awesome weekend).  I must add a warning to the video above, that if you do not enjoy cheesy songs about favorite calibers, please move along and watch one of the videos below instead.

Ok, now that the warning has been made, I will say that I really do enjoy doing random things like writing haiku poems about casting, reloading, and shooting.  I also occasionally write lyrics for silly songs to sing to my kids.  Today, you are the recipients of my song writing and singing skills (or lack thereof).  I chose to write a rap about one of my favorite and beloved cartridges–the 45-70.  In my opinion, this cartridge is a timeless cartridge.  One of the things I find amazing is that though it was designed around 1873, this cartridge continues to remain in use today.  Firearms manufacturers continue to release new models chambered in the 45-70 cartridge ranging from revolvers (Magnum Research BFR), single shots, sharps rifles, all the way to threaded lever-action rifles.  The 45-70 cartridge, generally speaking, fires a slow-moving large bullet that carries a lot of energy.  This makes it a round capable of hunting almost anything on earth (including dinosaurs, should they ever make a comeback).

Because of the lower velocities, the 45-70 cartridge tends to have trajectories shaped more like rainbows then straight lines.  To account for this, scopes or iron sights with a lot of vertical adjustment is preferable when shooting at longer distances.  With consistent and accurate ammo, it is possible to lob these bullets out quite a ways and still do it accurately.  I hope to take my sharps rifle out to 1000 with my old iron sights sometime and try hitting a big steel plate.  I have successfully shot steel plates at 445 yards with subsonic ammo with my 12″ Encore single shot SBR chambered in 45-70.  Firing with a suppressor, I was able to shoot without hearing protection and hear my hits a lot easier.  That was lots of fun–felt like firing artillery with the bullet drop.

Below are a few videos I’ve made which show different 45-70 loads, tests, and/or shooting I’ve done.  I really do love this cartridge.  Because I am a caster, reloader, and shooter–I feel like the 45-70 cartridge is a sandbox of sorts.  There are unlimited types of loads to experiment with.  If you like smaller and faster, you can do it… If you like big and slow, you can do it.  Or if you want to throw 2 or 3 bullets into a case–you can do that too!  Have a great Friday guys and gals!

–Mister Taco

Casting, Loading, Shooting 350gr Hollow Points:

Casting, Loading, Shooting 500 gr Subsonic Ammo w/ Pedersoli Sharps Rifle:

Casting, Loading, Shooting 2 Bullets in One Case

Casting, Loading, Shooting 500 gr Subsonic Ammo w/ Encore 12″ SBR

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