Shooting .44 Spl Full Wadcutters – Thanks to Thor’s Axe

(The original version of this video was posted to YouTube on October 30, 2017)

Thor’s Axe (found on both The Reloaders Network and YouTube) sent me some of his 200 grain .44 caliber FWCs.  I loaded these and shot them in my Charter Arms Bulldog, S&W 69, S&W 629, and S&W 29.

Arsenal Molds 44-200 Grain FWC “Hans”:

Thor’s Axe777 videos with this bullet:
The Versatile and capable .44 special.. full wad cutter mold from Arsenal molds.
The Versatile and Capable .44 special (Ch#6) WC Arsenal Mold.
Rooster Jacket..The Versatile and Capable .44 special (Ch#^6)200 gr Full Wad Cutters.
The Versatile and capable .44 special. Range day for the 200 grain full wad cutter.

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