230 grn. 300 BLK Sub Sonics Shout Out to Kyle Lusk

No video, just old skewl text and crayon drawings..

Back with some new data on the 230 Grain Lee “Missile” atop 5.5 grains of CFE Pistol in the Ruger American 300 BLK bolt gun.The Shout out is to Kyle because a few weeks back we were in a dialog via Email or Facebook about these bullets in the 300 BLK. The mold I used is TL309-230-5R Midway USA Customs 300 AAC 03/07/12

Kyle didn’t seem to have any issues, but I was getting  severe Key holing and lackluster accuracy at every distance with them. I wrote it off to pushing the bullet too fast.

More of my posts on this general 300 BLK subject and these bullets:

I called Lee about it and they said it was originally a special order for MidwayUSA.

It has a rather bizarre shape..309 at the heal and .305 at the front end of the lube grooves. My suspicion is it wobbles in the barrel as there is no real bearing surface like most .308 bullets in my experience.

Specs here:

Well, Kyle and I never reconnected after a weekend break from discussing it. I am back with more data and thought he might want to hear my info on it so far.

Sub sonic Min: 986 FPS and Max: 1029 FPS from yesterday’s chrono data.

4 of 5 seemed stable and punched round holes. One of 5 in every group shown were full-on sideways. The tale of the targets follows:

230 grn. 300 BLK Sub Sonics Shout Out to Kyle Lusk 1

Crude and rude 25 yard target.

230 grn. 300 BLK Sub Sonics Shout Out to Kyle Lusk 3

All 5 targets showing the broadside hits.

230 grn. 300 BLK Sub Sonics Shout Out to Kyle Lusk 5

Curious they get that far sideways in 25 yards?

230 grn. 300 BLK Sub Sonics Shout Out to Kyle Lusk 7

230 grn. 300 BLK Sub Sonics Shout Out to Kyle Lusk 9

I mean, these guys aren’t just cocked off a few degrees to the axis of the bore, they are full-on sideways and pretty much 90 degrees from the bore axis! In 25 yards. They did this from my AR’s, both the 16″ carbine and the 10.5″ pistol.


Am I Jinxed or what? I have never seen where anyone has had anything but good luck with these.

No picture, but I shot 4 of this same load under a 220 grain Sierra Round Nose soft point bullet I had a few of. Those shot nice into an easy 1″ group from 25 yards.

I guess I will be putting this 230 grain Lee mold in storage and looking for something that flies right in the 200+ grain range.

I tried everything I could think of with these bullets. Faster, slower, even shot a couple with my wrist rocket sling shot and they key holed!

Thats my story and I’m sticking with it.

Disappointed but undaunted. I will find a good subsonic punkin to chunk downrange with this Ruger some day. Just wish there was a source for a handful of bullets from a mold that a guy might like without having to buy the mold itself hoping it is what you want. At least Lee molds are inexpensive and toss good bullets as well.

I have given up on this particular mold. I don’t mind working at getting something to work but the holes are in the paper and the writing is on the wall.  I surrender.

Thanks for looking.


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