Reloading Bench, Lanolin Lube and some mods to equipment

Here, I “show off” my personal reloading bench. It’s a simple table that was in a completely useless breakfast nook when we bought the Brick Pile. The table remains but the nook is part of the Kitchen today.  The rear of the table is attached to the wall with “L” brackets and there is a 2X4 brace under the Rock Chucker Press.

I show the upgrade to my Lyman Brass Smith Powder Measure with the Lee Perfect Powder Measure Hopper as well as the hands free magnifier on the Lee 4 Hole Turret Press.

I briefly show how I lanolin lube cases with my super secret, patented  recipe.

Highest % rubbing alcohol you can find.

Spray Bottle.

As much lanolin of your choice [paste, oil or gel] that you can dissolve in the alcohol, plus 50%.


As long as you have undissolved lanolin in your jug after vigorous shaking for 5 or 10 minutes you are in the ballpark.

You can only dissolve so much lanolin  into the  alcohol so, stuff in a big gob. You want the alcohol to saturate with the lanolin so you cannot over do it.

I have been just adding more alcohol as I use up the lube and am still seeing gobs of lanolin after a year and a half on the same jug. I used the 91% Isopropyl Alcohol from The $1 Store and some kind of expensive USP lanolin gel that nursing mothers use to soothe sore nipples . YMMV, of course. I have to admit, I haven’t had sore nipples since I bought it! WooHoo.


It is NOT  anything sensitive. Too much of either will NOT be a problem, although you do want to have excess lanolin goo in the solution.

No guarantees but I have no issues with this lube.

Any questions on the gear? I will try to answer any you have.


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