Is it Safe to Reload MAXXTech, AMMOLOAD, IMT, FM 9mm Brass?

(The original version of this video was posted to YouTube on December 26, 2017)

I came across some AMMOLOAD and IMT 9mm brass that has what appears to be a sleeve (or step or ledge) inside. I assume this is there to reinforce the case head and to prevent bullet set back, but I want to know if it presents a safety issue for reloaders as it reduces the case capacity, and as a result could cause high pressures. I’ve read that cases with MAXXTech and FM (Freedom Munitions) have a similar extra amount of brass in the case.

Since originally posting this video I’ve been informed that some of the FM cases are magnetic/brass plated steel. I’ve also noticed that extra brass/step in the MAXXTech cases seems to be higher than the AMMOLOAD and IMT cases I had on hand.

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