10MM Revolver Mini Series – Reloading for the 10MM Revolver

Reloading for the 10MM Revolver

Have you ever seen four beautiful revolvers chambered in 10MM Semi Auto in the same video  8)

Giving range fans a little view into reloading for 10MM revolvers. The load I show in this video are safe in these revolvers but should be double checked against your favorite reloading manual. This longshot load is one of my favorites I worked up for 180gr Hornady Jacketed bullets in my Delta Elite XE.

I came across some cast bullets that are cast by a local citizen and decided after inspection I would give them a try.

  1. 170gr Truncated Cone — weighed 10 of the 50 — 7 weighed 171.8gr, 3 weighed 171.3gr.
  2. 175gr SemiWad Cutter — weighed 10 of the 50 — 5 weighed 176.4gr, 2 weighed 176.7gr, 3 weighed 176.8gr.

Visit — The 10MM Loading Depot for more 10MM Info.


Enjoy the Mini Series!

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