Casting (open fire), Pan Lubing (bacon grease), Reloading (.44 Magnum), and Range Time – my Tacopocalypse VR

This video is a VR to the Tacopocalypse challenge issued by Full.Lead.Taco. His YouTube channel recently crossed over the 2,000 subscriber mark, and that prompted him to do a giveaway. Taco is one of the nicest and most generous guys you’ll ever talk to, and he has some of the best prize options of any giveaway I’ve ever seen.

Full.Lead.Taco is one of the regular authors at The Reloaders Network. Be sure to check out his posts. He always produces high quality and fun videos, and has a wide assortment of calibers and firearms. His content is both educational and informative, so, be sure to check him out, and also take a look at the other entries for this Tacopocalypse challenge.

This video features bullet casting over an open flame, making bullet lube from bacon grease, pan lubing, reloading, and range time with my .44 Magnum.


The recipe:


Extreme survival for Elmer Keith fan boys


Get your supplies while you can

Make you bullets now!

Lead Alloy – several pounds
Sawdust – to flavor  (optional – candle wax)
Unique Smokeless Powder
Large Pistol Primers
Brass Shells – .44 Magnum

Bullet Lube Ingredients
Bacon Grease – 2 cups
Beeswax – 2 cups

To cast a satisfying bullet, you will need an adequate source of heat.  For best results, cast iron cookware is suggested.  Place your lead alloy into a Dutch oven, and place the Dutch oven directly onto your heat source.
TIP:  A campfire will give your bullets a great aroma.  Adjust the mixture of charcoal and your favorite type of firewood for a nice, robust smoke.
Once the alloy melts, stir in the sawdust as a flux.  You may optionally use candle wax, or a combination of both.  Once charred, scrape off the dross and discard.  The alloy is now ready to be poured into the Lyman 429421 bullet mold.  Let the alloy chill for a few seconds before giving the sprue a nice, clean cut and removing your newly formed bullets.
In a separate dish, prepare copious amounts of bacon.  This bacon can be used for many thing, because everything is better with bacon, including end-times survival.  Collect the bacon grease, and boil it in water for several minutes to reduce the salt.  Mix the remaining bacon grease with an equal amount of melted beeswax in a double boiler.
Stand the freshly cast bullets in a pan, and pour in the hot lube mixture until the lube grooves are covered.  Allow the lube to chill.  Once chilled, remove the bullets from the lube cake, and size to .430”.
Size the brass shells and insert new primers.  (There is no need for a magnum primer as Unique powder has enough spice of its own.)  Fill the shells with 10 grains of Unique powder, and then seat the bullet so that the crimping groove is flush with the mouth of the shell.  Give the shell a nice roll crimp, and remove any excess lube.
Serve in groups of six.  Enjoy!

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