Secure Data Destruction On Hard Drives

For quite a few years have been a computer tinkerer, first with my own PCs and then as a micro-business for awhile. In the process of upgrading and repairing computers I acquired a stack of hard drives that had been erased. D.B.A.N., aka Darik’s Boot And Nuke is my go to utility for securely erasing hard drives before disposal. D.B.A.N., an Open Source project is still totally free, BLANNCO now ‘owns’ it and tries to move you to their commercial product.  I highly recommend the free version. Occasionally a drive goes intermittent and D.B.A.N. won’t work, but it ‘might’ spin up one last time. I don’t want my customer’s data to possibly be exposed, so physical destruction is the route I take.

So I had an accumulation of drives that had been D.B.A.N.’d and some had had SpinRite disk utility run on them with the thought that I might build a N.A.S. box with a bunch of disparate size drives, build a home entertainment PC or some other yet unforeseen use. But in reality they where just sitting on a shelf in the garage collecting dust, and they were too small for any good use.

I have also physically destroyed a few drives by drill press, acetylene torch, 9mm and .223, but now that the 7.62×39 AR-15 was up and running …. it’s time for an experiment.

Sorry the destruction afterward wasn’t entirely visible in the video, apparently what I see on screen is cropped in the actual video; I should have had it centered, not on the periphery.

The 7.62×39 indeed makes bigger holes, but the drives are just as unreadable when struck by a .223 or 9mm; although I’ve had 9mm rounds that did not go completely through before. The 9mm does destroy the platters, but just bludgeons the back wall of the drives.

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